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How can Pix virtual reality models help your business?

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Visually communicate your property vision and value.

The PIX set of solutions, designed for real estate professionals, will place your clients in interactive, virtual environments that will attract interest, shorten sales and leasing cycles, and make your property vision available anywhere, anytime. 

Let our team of VR professionals show you how VR can market your property. We can:

  • Create 3D layout tools for testfits
  • Give your clients the ability to select and change walls, doors, surfaces and more
  • Create single property models to showcase property amenities
  • Model city, region or campus environments for planning or investment decisions
  • Produce virtual environments for marketing and entertainment via seasonal or themed events
  • Enable VR models for sales training and retail operations

Simply fill out the form on the left, and we'll start brainstorming how 3D, virtual reality technology can change your business.